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We welcome friends and guests of the Amazons, and all women motorcyclists who are interested in the Club and the biker lifestyle.  When we're not out riding, we communicate with each other on our forum on Delphi at New Guests are welcome to our forum and are required to fill out your Delphi profile (basic Delphi membership costs nothing!) and post an introduction in our 'New Guests' folder to tell us a little about yourself.  

 The Amazons have ZERO tolerance for bullshit.  If you do not comply with our requirements or come into the forum to instigate trouble, you will be locked out.
In addition to becoming a guest of the Amazons, a woman may choose to become more involved with the Club, up to and including joining the Full & True Sisterhood.  It�s a process that takes some time and serious commitment.  If you are interested, any one of the Full & True Sisters will be happy to discuss it with you at the proper time.


You may also contact us by filling in the form below and someone will respond to your inquiry.  We look forward to hearing from you!


The Amazons

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