The Six Principles (Code of Conduct)


The Sisterhood is based on the following Six Principles.  All Sisters and prospects must embrace and practice these principles, particularly when involved in Club matters: 


Love - An Amazon lets love guide all her actions when dealing with her Amazon Sisters, for they are true Sisters in the spiritual sense of the word.


Honor An Amazon will honor the ways of the Sisterhood and her Amazon Sisters. 


Truth - An Amazon is true to her inner spirit. An Amazon knows her strengths and weaknesses and will not hide from them.  An Amazon will never lie to her Sisters.


Respect - An Amazon respects her own integrity and that of others at all times, including respect for the Sisterhood and its Bylaws.


Loyalty - An Amazon is loyal to the Sisterhood and takes part in decisions concerning the Sisterhood as a whole.


Commitment - An Amazon is committed to her Sisterhood, as well as to her self.  She will stand up for her beliefs and those of the Amazons.  She contributes energy to the Club to keep it running smoothly.