Amazons throughout history have battled fiercely against any and all threats to their Sisterhood.  Each time they have emerged stronger, swifter and mightier than before.  The Amazons of today are no different.  They wage battle against aggressors and strive to honor and protect the six principles of their Sisterhood. These Amazons ride motorcycles and wear leather. Under the leather and behind the shades stands an Amazon biker that is a proud and strong woman.  Under the leather and behind the shades beats a compassionate heart as they battle cancer,  birth defects, and heart disease with their money and their time.  They battle the ignorance of cage drivers with their support of local Abate chapters, the MSF, and other rider safety programs.  Under the leather and behind the shades riding steeds of chrome Amazons answer the cry of those in need.  Do not be surprised if one is called, all Amazons answer. By their very existence they show the world how an Amazon lives and loves.


Amazon Vision

1.  This Club is now and will forever be founded upon the 6 Principles;

2.  This Club will remain a home for women to grow and test their limits;

3.  In this Club it does not matter so much as to where you start your journey but rather that you continue your journey throughout your Amazon life;

4.  An oath means "forever";

5.  Sister is a term reserved for someone you can totally trust;

6.  The Club is bigger than any of us;

7.  Drama will not enter into our Amazon home;

8.  We are all different... get over it... we still should have each other's backs;

9.  This is an MC... don't expect to talk politics or religion and end up all warm and fuzzy with each other afterwards;

10. This is not your vision of an MC... it is not my vision of an MC... it is the Club we took an oath to defend... someone before us envisioned it and we agreed to sign on for the rest of our lives.

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If you can walk the walk of an Amazon, contact us.